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Thread: How do you open / preview a FLV file?

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    How do you open / preview a FLV file?

    Hi Guys,

    How do you open up a FLV file? I've created a few flash clips in premiere but when i try to open with both the flash player and IE nothing appears, the player is blank and IE just prompts with the download box?

    Cheers - Dave.
    dave 8-)

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    Believe it or not, Flash doesn't come with a player that lets you just double click on an .flv and watch it. Most .flv encoding programs come with them, or there are free ones out there. I use this one: http://www.martijndevisser.com/blog/...player-updated

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    I can recomend VLC wich reads all kind of Formats including FLV:
    - opensource (free, extendable)
    - multi platform
    - has codecs all build in (no codec installation)
    - no installation download zip file and start (installation optional possible)


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