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Thread: FLV will not stop and close

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    FLV will not stop and close

    Hi, I have exported a wmv-slideshow in Sorenson Squeeze 4.2 to FLV, and loaded it into my player. There i have the function:

    if(info.code == "NetStream.Play.Stop") {

    What happens is that the FLV plays and the timer goes to the last second (03:44 / 03:44) but it will not close. It stops, and the buffering function starts.

    if (info.code == "NetStream.Buffer.Empty")

    If i click on the scrubber, it seems to "go the last frames" and close. If i use real movies it seems to work fine, but it is when I use movies of slideshows that it does not work properly.

    Does anyone have a solution how I can get the movie closed ? I have not faded the movie to black in the end.

    Thank you
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