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Thread: FlashVars Help pleaseeeeeeee.....

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    FlashVars Help pleaseeeeeeee.....

    Hey guys/girls I was hoping someone could help me with a problem regarding FlashVars. I am trying to tie a flash navigation into

    the navigation needs to open as a tree so I have used Flashvars to jump to specific frames.

    I am using the actionscript 'gotoAndPlay(jumpto);' and

    <param name="FlashVars" value="jumpto=100" />

    within the html.
    I originally had problems viewing the site within firefox and ie7 however ie6 displayed and worked correctly. Saving down to flash 6 seemed to sort the firefox issue, however now the script isnt working in ie7 or ie6.

    The first two menu items work correctly however anything below these two items ie. 'Client Services' 'Careers' and 'About Us' seem to load at the same frame, frame 170 which is Client Services. It seems to be stuck in a loop and im really stumped, any ideas would be welcomed with much gratitude.
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    This is the wrong forum to post this thread.

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    Thread Moved.

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