I'm having a hard time with a web site I'm developing for an artist friend of mine.
It's my first Flash site so I'm bumping with some issues I can't resolve. I think it's all about browser compatibility, because what works on IE 7 doesn't in Firefox 2.0 and vice-versa.
The first and most annoying happens in Firefox: I have a main movie where I've placed the navigation system for the entire site; from there I've made the contents load on top of that movie using a load external movieclip behavior; most of those external swf's are slide presentations with a navigation system based in buttons; the problem is that when those movie clips are loaded in Firefox the buttons perform their rollover effects perfectly, they even play the sound I've ad to them, but they do not execute their on release function; this happens only on the first click and then at the second time you click them they work fine ( I discovered that clicking first anywhere on the movieclip makes them work too) and after the movie is in the browser's cache, when you load it next time it works fine too; this is very strange and it doesn't happen on IE 7...
The other thing is with IE 7: I've made used of a loader movieclip with a progressbar (standard progressbar component with some style changes) that loads the slide presentations; in Firefox it works great but in IE the progressbar shows up and then goes away without animating the progress and leaving a blank screen during the download time...
Please HELP! I'm driving crazy with this stuff!!!
Thank you!

PS: you can visit the site here and see what I'm talking about: http://www.josebatistamarques.com - you'll have to choose the Portuguese site because the English is still very incomplete; just navigate to any of the expo individuais or obras and enter any of them