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Thread: 3D Flash Animator 4.9.3 beta 2 is now available

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    3D Flash Animator 4.9.3 beta 2 is now available

    Sorry about beta 1. I guess thats why they call it a beta.

    If you find a bug, please don't complain about it in the forum. Email a bug report to contact@3dfa.c0m. If possible, please include a simple packed movie file showing the bug.

    You can download the beta from ...


    This version can export a movie as Actionscript 3 source code, but there is still a considerable amount of tweaking to do before all of the sample movies can be exported without errors.

    This version also imports and exports video in almost any format. Video sound and control methods are still under construction. You will need to download the video codec DLLs from ...


    Unzip the 3 DLLs and copy them into your 3DFA folder.

    Some people have commented lately that weblinks, data transfers, and other Flash features no longer work properly in animations exported from 3DFA. This is because Flash Player security settings now prevent local animations from accessing the internet. 3DFA now automatically disables Flash security settings for exported animations.

    We look forward to receiving any comments, bug reports, or other suggestions you may have.
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    Wow, sounds nice!

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    Sounds great, but for me this release doesn't work at all
    I'm waiting for another release...

    ... beta 2 now seems to work properly ...

    Greetings for all users of this great forum.
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    Yeah I got the same error as you. I emailed Rob and I'm sure others have also, so hopefully it will be resolved soon.

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