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Thread: [MX] Real Quick Question

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    [MX] Real Quick Question

    Hey guys just a short simple questions

    If i have 2 buttons the first with the action

    and on the 2nd button i have the action

    If the button is pressed in the order button 1 first, then button 2.

    Will the movie blah.swf be automatically removed from the movie when blah2.swf is loaded? Or will both movies be loaded at the same time?

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    This is from the flash help file
    The following loadMovie() statement loads the SWF file sub.swf from the same directory into a new movie clip called logo_mc that's created using createEmptyMovieClip():

    this.createEmptyMovieClip("logo_mc", 999);
    loadMovie("sub.swf", logo_mc);

    You could add the following code to load a JPEG image called image1.jpg from the same directory as the SWF file loading sub.swf. The JPEG is loaded when you click a button called myBtn_btn. This code loads the JPEG into logo_mc. Therefore, it will replace sub.swf with the JPEG image.

    myBtn_btn.onRelease = function(){
    loadMovie("image1.jpg", logo_mc);
    so you should find that if your press button 1 it will load in blah.swf then if you press button2 blah2.swf will replace blah.swf.
    Nothing can load "at the same time" if you are pressing one button AFTER another

    Hope this helps
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    Ah k awesome, thats pretty much all i needed to know . Was just worried about performance if one movie clip was loaded at the same time as another one.

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