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Thread: [F8] txt swr

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    [F8] txt swr

    Right. There is this software I got called Th Ft--Mr, which lets you write lk ths. I would like to make something similar. There is an input text box with an itstance name "input" and an output text box (instance name, output, which displays the rr hrtrs when you type something in to the input box. But I could do with some help. I need a code that will make the output box display a differant character to the one that you type into the input box. Please?

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    you would set up an OnChange listener for the input box and onchange you would do something like
    var newString = ""
    for(var i = 0 ; i <  inputText.text.length;i++){
              case 'a' : newString += ":A:"  //or whatever
                           break; //escape from switch statement
              case 'b' : newString +=":B:"
               ....//repeate for all leters both cases (a-z/A-Z/0-9 ..and any other chars you wnat)
             default : newString+=inputText.text.charAt(i) // if it doesnt match any of our cases.. then just add whatever char is there
    outPutText.text = newString

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