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Thread: Loading and Saving from external source

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    Loading and Saving from external source

    Flash MX is what im using
    ok, im working on a project and i need to know how i would go about saving the variables and loading the variables to an outside source.. this will not be on a website, but in a folder on the users desktop. all i need it to do is, when it is activated, load the variables from the source, then, when a change is made, save the variables to that source and overwrite original. i found a site that sorta explains it, but i couldnt follow what they were saying.

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    The only thing that Flash can right to are shared object files. You can store some information in them, but saving program variables might not be the best idea. You can write to txt files with php that I know of, I'm sure asp and xml will do the same. You can read from txt files easily in flash. Anything with a & in front of it is a variable:
    You can also use XML to store and sort all of your data. If you have a lot, that's a good way to go. But I don't know much about that. For the php, you send your variables there, there are tutorials here at FK, and then load them from the txt. You need something like apache server or wamp5 to use the php. I hope that answers some question, but if you've looked around you probably figured this out already.

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