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Thread: controlling timeline

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    controlling timeline

    Hellooo I have 2 questions...

    1. is there a way i can add actionscript to a keyframe to remember the last keyframes actionscript? i have a timeline with some external swfs loading on keyframes and when they choose the next section (just moves along the timeline to next set of thumbnails) i need it to remember the last project (keyframe) they clicked on?

    2. i have a movieclip with some buttons in that i need to control the timeline, i was given some code for this but it keeps going to the 1st scene timeline and not the timeline on the 2nd scene of the swf its inside...if that makes sense lol. so i just want the buttons to control the timeline that the movieclip is on from within the movieclip.

    can anyone help with these? sorry if i havent given the best description of what im looking for, im still really new to all this! x

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    use frame labels for both situations
    1) - keyframe label - KF1, when you move off the keyframe store
    it in a variable -
    _global.lastframe = "KF1";

    when you want to go back - gotoAndStop(lastframe);

    2) - frame labels on the movieclip timeline - clipLabel1, clipLabel2 ...

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