theres a link to what i need, if you cant read my writing, heres what i need help with

have a box, that when clicked, changs the background music and at the same time, plays a movie clip of it shaking a bit.
(with out changing anything else, like main timeline frame)

-also a seperate mute/unmute button?

2 buttons that will scroll back and forth between a few characters, again, with out changing anything else (not even the main timeline frame, woop woop!)
these buttons will be linked to the left and right directional arrows.

if you could help me out thank would rock so much.
also if you can do part of it but not all of it, just say what it is before so i know.
anddd last thing, if you need to use an instance name, just make it CHANGE1, CHANGE2 etc. or something like that


just so you know, i dont animate like that, im a little lot better :P
i just drew that up in like 10 seconds as an example