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Thread: [F8] IFrames for movies clip buttons?

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    [F8] IFrames for movies clip buttons?


    I am looking for a way to use IFrames with some movieclip buttons I have. There's only one movie clip, but put on the stage x ammount of times depening on how many buttons I want. Each movie clip gets its own instance name and the text is all done through actionscript.

    My quesiton is can I make an IFrame that will hold all these movieclips? Probably more of a newbie question, but I have never really tried using iframes in flash. It would fit perfect for my design, so help is very much appreciated.

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    there aren't iFrames in flash. You'd have to make your .fla the size you want your iFrame to be (in this case your navigation) and then load that .swf into your iframe using dreamweaver or some other editor.

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