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Thread: Internal preloader, can this be done?

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    Internal preloader, can this be done?

    Hello i am having a problem and i need your help to find a solution to it, any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I have my basic preloader on scene 1 where it loads the movie in scene 2. That works fine. What i want to do is add a preloader in scene 2 (internal) so that i can preload external videos and images from an ftp. How can i do this?

    Thanks everyone for your time..

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    Look at the moviecliploader class for images. As for movie files, you need to have them in a streaming flv format. There are tons of tutorials on how to insert flv into flash.


    Hope this helps.
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    hello and thanks for your help do you also have a tutorial on the moviecliploader class?

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