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Thread: Button in a Button

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    Button in a Button

    Is it possible to have a button inside of a button, or a Movie Clip. For example if you goto www.freewebs.com/taz002 on the menu to the right every one of those are seperate, and I have to load them individually. Also when I click on the Velpist temple (Temple looking thing on the map) I have to write the script to Unload each of those. This takes time and considering there will be alot of menus besides just that one will end up very time consuming. Is there anyway I can embedd all those buttons into say the one menu. Like Juno_mnu_mc that when loaded would load the Deer_btn, Fox_btn, etc. Please any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance.

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    you can have lots of buttons inside a movieclip.
    OR you could have lots of movieclips inside a movieclips - but treat them like buttons, with onPress etc functions
    this would be an easy way to load in lots of buttons as you can add this functionality to the container clip
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