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Thread: 3DFA and AVI/Video

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    3DFA and AVI/Video

    I'm thinking of working with CamStudio instead of shelling out 300 bucks...

    This is good and all but, the flash video player sucks. So I'm thinking off making my own with 3dfa.

    Can 3dfa stream AVI files?

    It seems like CamStudio adds the video, AVI file, to the swf file. What's this called and is it more compressed this way?

    Also, is there any recommendations to a good free screen recorder with audio and flash export features?

    Thanks for reading. And all help on this is appreciated.

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    The tool I use to make very much screen recordings is Windows Media Encoder from MicroSoft, it's free and very advanced (advanced because it has infinite amount of settings to adjust to get different quality/filesize). And it creates .wmv straight on which usually is wanted for the better compression rate (better quality and filesize than .avi).

    If you don't want to use Hyperionics HyperCam or Fraps which charge money for simplicity (I suppose) then give the MS encoder a try!
    http://www.hyperionics.com/ free tool if you are ok with an tag on top left
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    It a great piece or software...
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    The best screen and audio capture tool I've found is Wink from Debugmode.

    Absolutely fantastic product and doesn't cost a penny !

    It's great for online training and demonstrations, although I'm not sure how good it would be for anything where you need to capture at a faster frame rate.

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