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Thread: 3D Flash Animator Help

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    3D Flash Animator Help

    3DFA's help file doesn't seem to be "that" helpful. I mean it's okay, and I'm not trying to complain either. Really, I'm trying to suggest a feature.

    I know that the play method for movie elements allows for an optional parameter that the help file doesn't state anywhere. This makes me think that there could be other things that the help file doesn't state that I could be missing out on.

    All I suggest is to have all the parameters that do exist in functions to be noted in the help file.

    What are you concerns on this?

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    yeah, i would say it could do with a update, Which will probably happen for v5

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    Sorry FlashLight, there is no optional parameter for the play() method in Flash actionscripting. Pressing the Syntax button in the script editor will now give you every property and method supported by the current version 3DFA.

    Version 5 is all about Actionscript 3 compatibility, which means that there will be some changes to the supported properties and methods. The Help and Syntax are both being updated to reflect these changes.
    (3DFA Support Team)

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