First of all hi to all flashkit members old and new.
I know its been a long time but I see nothing has changed.
Now if you guys help me with some I was asked to create a webpage for a private med company. Here is what Ive done so far.

1. Installed MODX as a CMS.
2. Created 2 separate websites each one with 6 separate CSS designs for people to choose from
3. One of the site has 75 pages of information each one with images and text
4 The seccond site has about 30 webpages with images and text.
5. User management with permissions who can post articles and who can post news, administrator accounts with appropriate permissions.
6. Private login directory or as they call it VPN with WebCalendar having 6 public calendars as well a personal calendars. I also configured the user and admin permissions.
7. PHP FTP manager for uploading and downloading document files with secure login and appropriate user management
8. Register the domain name and change the DNS servers.

so the whole thing took month and a half. Each time they would look at the site and change the design. Finaly I sit down with them and spend 6h on the computer untill they were happy.

so how much should I charge them now... Will 3000$ be a fare price.