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Thread: Scrolling menu trouble

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    Scrolling menu trouble

    Hi all, i followed the following tutorial http://www.layoutgalaxy.com/html/htm...er49-page1.htm

    but for some reason cannot get the buttons to work.

    I can attach a http link to the individual buttons which work fine but if i attach;

    on (release) {

    for some reason it doesnt work.

    ok i found out it might be better to have :
    on (release) {

    but the problem is when i link to a labelled frame the button, whenever i press the button more than once it jumps to the following frame? why would it do that if its linked to a particular frame?

    also scroll is moved and one pressed it the scroll visibly jumps back to its starting scroll position. any ideas?

    Can any one help me on this one??!!!!

    thanks in advance

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    Try using this:

    on (release) {

    I think the problem is that when you're on that frame (and I suppose you have a stop(); action on the contact frame) and you press the button again, it says play from that frame onward. And a stop(); action will stop it once, but not when you're already on that frame.

    Let me know if it works.

    I don't know about your second problem, I don't really get what you're trying to say.
    Florian Vanthuyne

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    hi there thanks florianvanthuyn. that seemed to work fine.

    Sorry yeah my second question was written pretty badly, il try again!

    basically, i have a scrolling thumbnail menu system to view pictures that when clicked usse the code we worked on above to bring up a picture in a specific frame. All well and good there. It scrolls and it works. However, when the movie is tested the set of thumbnails never starts at say the far left so that i only have to scroll right to see pictures. It seems to start in the middle. If i then scroll left to the first thumbnail and press it the movie will change the picture (great) but the thumnails will seems to "jump" back to their original starting position. Any ideas?

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