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Thread: 3D Flash Animator 4.9.6 beta 1 is now available

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    3D Flash Animator 4.9.6 beta 1 is now available

    You can download 4.9.6 beta 1 from ...


    The issues with 4.9.5 seem to have been addressed.

    The language is still improving, with new features like for..in loops and new classes like ExternalInterface for calling browser Javascript. Another nice addition is the Stage class for controlling the appearance of the Flash control in the browser.

    Of course, many of the new features are still incomplete. Flash 9 export is still not recommended, and the new Transmitter element for server communication is still being constructed.

    Flash's new XML capabilities are something to look forward to. Unfortunately, they are Flash 9 only. The old XML class has already been decommissioned.

    All of the standard 3DFA features should be working better than ever, and the documentation has been vastly improved.

    Please do not hesitate to send bug reports to the contact address. All feedback is appreciated.
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