FLV/Mp3 Cue Points for Accessing Frame Labels on the Main Timeline in Flash 8

In Flash MX2004, creating cue points for syncing locations on flv and mp3 files to locations on the main timeline included:
1) Dragging a media component onto the stage
2) Entering file path, frame label name, and time code information in the component inspector
3) Creating the frame label names on the main timeline, and
4) Enabling the Media Labeled Frame Cue Point Navigation Behavior

Flash 8 documentation details a considerably different process of creating cue points. While it discusses how to create cue points in the flv, I have not been able to locate how to enable linking locations in flv and mp3 files with frame labels on the man timeline. It appears that there would need to be ActionScript necessary to accomplish this that is not available in the docs.

Please advise what ActionScript/process would enable this function.

Thank you!