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Thread: [Papervision3D] Different textures on each side of a cube & how to add collada

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    [Papervision3D] Different textures on each side of a cube & how to add collada

    Been reading page up and page down about how to make things in papervision3D, but I cant find anywhere how to texture a cube with different textures on each side. Does anybody know how I do that?

    And how do I add a collada in the current version of pv3D? I downloaded the littleplanet source from http://aliveapps.wordpress.com/2007/...emo-in-breeze/ , but it wont work in the current version. I tried changing the addCollada to addChildren( new Collada(..., but it wont work.. Is there an updated example of this somewhere?

    Thanks in advance.
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    dont have any knowledge yet of PV3d,- but regarding your cube you need to have a UV map on each face (or triangle pairs when working with a mesh instead of a poly). The UV map determines the Texture placement on 3d object.

    Do you have a 3d package or 3d tool installed to export collada files and or modify UV maps?

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    to add a collada object

    collada = new Collada("myCollada.DAE");
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