This might sound like a stupid question.

But just how do I use AS3 tweening to get a normal movieclip to just get bigger?
I basicly want to scale it up.

myTween = new Tween(submenu_mc, "alpha",Regular.easeOut,0,1,12,false);

This would be a simple turn on alpha tween, and so what I need to change is the "alpha" and maybe the Regualr.easeOut Im not sure, what I really would want is an easy help on the simple tweening that you can do, Ive been trying to read the API but I don't understand it very well.

But when I just want something simple I can't seem to find it like what kind of attributes that can be tweened etc.
Would I have to create 2 tweens one for x and one for y? or is there a simple "scale" attribute?