Flash CS3:

I want to have a column of nine buttons on the left side of the stage. When the user clicks on button, the desired .FLV movie plays on the right side of the stage (progressive streaming).

I know this must be sloppy but for a newbie is it easier to make 9 different labels on the timeline, one for each movie and have the playhead jump to a .FLV component for each movie?

It must be easier to have the buttons reference a location on the server (www.mywebsite.com/videos/sample.flv) and using one label. I cannot figure out the code to save my life!

I have a background in Director but I'm completely lost with Action Scripting (so far).

In a perfect world, some one would point me to a script in which all I have to do is change the name of the button, video and location of the video on the server.

Do i have to unload or clear memory every time a new button is clicked and video accessed?

Do all the video have to be the same size?

Thanks in advance