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Thread: need help

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    need help

    Ok I need help again.

    I have a simple movie with boxes placed one above the other.
    when you click on a box it moves above the top box in the stack.

    I need the boxes that were orginally above the box clicked to move down the y position so the clicked box can take the top position.

    I have tried using array's with no avail, also tried using a distance function but can not figure out any way of doing this. Any help is aprieciated.
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    Well, you have to do some bookkeeping with your clones, array is fine for that.
    When a box is clicked you should search the array to find top box and swap y position with it.. or whatever you want to do then.

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    Thanks Finjogi, I have been able to do that. But what I need if for all boxes above the one clicked to slide down one position.

    There is 5 boxes stacked on top of each other.
    If I click on box 3, boxes 4 and 5 should slide down 1 position and box 3 should take box 5's position

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