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Thread: Flash/MySQL Troubles

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    Flash/MySQL Troubles

    Hi, I've been making some flash games for awhile that save user data to my servers MySQL database via PHP. I was wondering if and how I could run one of these games on a different server?

    In the PHP I've always used localhost when connecting since it's always been on my server, and I've been searching the forums along with google for a way to connect a server's mysql from another server and can't find anything.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Do you know your server's IP?

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    Yeah, you should only need to know the hostname of the mysql server, but ALSO, you need to make sure that the mysql server allows you to make connections from IP's other than localhost. In some server's control panels, you are allowed to submit "safe" IP's that can connect to the mysql server. For the specifics though, you will need to talk to whoever is hosting the mysql database to see if that will be allowed.

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