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Thread: I need a Flash wiz!!!

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    I need a Flash wiz!!!

    Hey guys... long time no see. I think I haven't been here since 2005...

    I use Flash for my cartoons and stuff. Still use Flash 4 and actionscript 1 which was more than enough until today. I hit the bottom of my competence and now I'd need someone who could build me a FLV player...

    Here is what I need...

    1) I need a player on which we don't see the controls.

    2) The player has to play an external FLV but this the URL of the external FLV has to be in the html coding...

    3) The player has to link to another website at the end of the video. (get URL) and again, the new webpage URL has to be taken from the HTML code of the FLV player.

    So in short, i want to be able to change the FLV video and the URL of the new webpage it's going to link to without having to edit the FLA everytime...

    Is that something that is possible? Someone can help me this? I then want to study the FLA myself and try to decode all this...

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    check the flash freelance forum.
    use the link above if you download league of legends.

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    Are you paying? If so, this will move to the Flash Freelance Forum.

    If you're not paying, then I'll move this to the Flash Video section and there you can just hope that people will answer your question.

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