This is my first movie using AS3 and made with my new laptop, which suppose to be fast!!! but i am not sure if my laptop is actually fast, so i make my first movie in as3 to see if my laptop really fast, by comparing it to others.
my specs are: intel core 2 duo processor T7300 2ghz, 2RAM, geforce 8600.

here is the link: SpeedTester

the description is inside there, but i'll copy it here anyway:
This is how Arian speedmeter works: Every frame (30FPS) a new very small movieclip will be created randomly
somewhere in the middle of the window. The number at the left shows the number of created movieclip. The other one shows the number of MovieClip created per second which will tend to decrease. You can use 90% or 50% rate
decrease to compare your computer with mine. 90% means when the number at the right falls to 27, and 50% when it falls to 15.
Arian's PC =
90% performance at 3186:27
50% performance at 6800:15

and, if possible, please download the link and play it not using player plugged in your browser, but play it using flash player 9. so it run at full speed! and could you please post your computer specs and your performance so i have an idea of... whether my code is working...