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Thread: External AS3-SWF is [object AVM1Movie]

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    External AS3-SWF is [object AVM1Movie]

    i have a AS3-SWF which use a class named Navigation. If I load this SWF in normal mode it works and event.target.content is [object Navigation].

    But in fullscreen mode event.target.content is [object AVM1Movie] and the SWF doesn´t work. Why is the content is AVM1Movie?

    loader.contentLoaderInfo.actionScriptVersion is always 3.

    I don´t understand this ...

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    press the picture...
    If you don't get an answer here, contact Adobe.
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    Anyway found a solution for this problem?
    I can't believe that when in fullscreen and you load an AS3 swf, its as3 code is disabled.
    I did a website using as2, and it worked normal with as2 code in flash 9 fullscreen mode, however an as3 coded website doesn't work in fullscreen, this is unbelievable!!

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