Hi. I just have a question about dynamic runtime image resizing - it's primarily used, or I would use it, for full browser image (fullscreen). And I have done this, that's not the problem. I'm just curious as to quality control and smoothing.. Take a look at this site: http://filippasmedhagensund.com/ when you stop on an image, it is smoothed and looks perfect quality no matter what you resize the window too. BrookPifer.com also had it like that but for some reason the site doesn't work now. Does anyone know how the quality remains so good? When I do it - when the image is at original size, it looks perfect quality, but when I size the window down and thus the image resizes down, the image looks jittery, for example, curves in the image and sometimes jittery as if the anti-alias has just failed or something.. Anyone know what they did and I didn't do? And I'm also curious as to why it looks like the example website I mentioned looks like it has some smoothing (light blurring) when you stop on an image - so if anyone knows why that is, please share. Would be much appreciated. Thanks,