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Thread: bending/warping text or vector art

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    I'm making a circular menu, and I wanna bend the text to fit the curvature of the circle... is there any easy way to do this? I can break it up if need be. It just looks really strange when the words are straight


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    The best way to do this would be to use another application such as Freehand or Fireworks. I've done it in both and achieved the results your looking for. If you think it's a bit to much money to fork out for one effect then you could always use up the 30 days trial period!

    Hope this helped.

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    You could do it using action script and if you did you could animate it along a path have it come in and then go into the circle and then fly out. I would talk to FlashGuru or Aquaman for that kind of code help. Regards, Bill

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    You could also break it apart and then shape it, and then put in a shape tween, I think...

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    Doesn't need to be animated...

    I just want to shape it like that. I know you can bend lines and stuff, but can you bend a complex shape?

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    Hi jitspoe

    Just to reiterate. Graphic's programmes that use 'paths' make this effect extremely easy to achieve.
    For instance, in Fireworks you select your text and circle then just choose "Attach To Path" from the text drop down menu.
    No doubt Macromedia will add this facility to Flash 6,7,8 etc. Or maybe not as they have to hold back some tricks so we buy their other products.

    Merry Christmas!!

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