Hello folks,
i got a little prob... i can't find the other post that i manage to
use as a tutorial i got a link there that sent me to this great site
http://gotoandlearn.com/, i used the tutorial about
"External SWF Preloading" and did everything, but one thing did go right:

the ' % ' symbol is the only thing that appears, but not counting then after a few seconds (the load ends)
the swf shows, here is the final code:

PHP Code:
var mcl:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();

mclL:Object = new Object();

mclL.onLoadProgress = function(target,getBytesLoaded,getBytesTotal) {
loader.percent.text Math.round((getBytesLoaded/getBytesTotal)* 100) + "%";
loadpercent "0%";        

mclL.onLoadInit = function() {
loader._visible false;
loader.percent.text "";