I have a movie with a preloader script and a VERY small animation on the first frame.

The second frame has a large background image, and 4 smaller images that are loaded dynamically from the library to container clips, with 3 of them animating in using the tween class.

The preloader works perfectly, but the animation on the first frame isn't visible until about 40% of my movie is loaded. I even tried loading the animation from an external swf and get the same result.

The only way I can get it to display immediately, is if I go to linkage for all of the dynamically loaded images and uncheck "Export in first frame". But if I do this those images fail to load.

I could just put those images directly in the timeline, but there are actually 2 sets of 4 image that load randomly, therefore I would have to put both sets in the timeline, significantly increasing file size and load time.