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Thread: ASCIImator.net - create your own ASCII animations!!!

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    purple lizard
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    ASCIImator.net - create your own ASCII animations!!!


    A really cool online tool for all ages! This lets you make movies out of ASCII art with really good effects.
    Trust me, if you like what I like, you'll be addicted in no time!


    Ps. If you don't know what ASCII is, it is art made with the characters on the keyboard.

             _.-'    '-.     ____
            (    o      \   |   / /\
             '-._        \  |  / / _\
                 '-._     '-:_/_;-'
                    /'._      '-._
                _.-'_/  '._       '\
               (_.-'       '-_      \
                \'-.__.--''``        |
    Dragon by gecko.jsc

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    Hi Gecko, I myself would not consider this a cool site. Its an interesting tool, but doesnt really belong in cool sites, per the forum guidelines.

    Im going to pass this over to the art and animation forum and see what happens. I cant guarantee it wont be removed.


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