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Thread: HTMLkit?

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    does anyone know a good resource site with a good message forum for other web needs? for: html help/java script/asp/etc..
    Or if anyone woudl be happy to answer my question here, i would be delighted.
    when i create a new site (multiple pages related to one topic ex: a site like flashkit)i create the index or home page first with all the nav bars and banner and everything, then the content. After that i create anywhere from 10 to 50 other pages that should have the same exact banner and nav bar. until now i just copy and past the nav bar and banner on to each individual page. It has worked but it becomes very sloppy. Say i have done this for a site, but then i have to add an ad or additional link to the navbar. This would mean i would have to edit each individual navbar. Is there any way (NOT USING FRAMES) where i can have each new page load the banner and navigation bar automatically. then i could just update the navbar and banner in one file and all of the pages would load. I think this is what mark does for flashkit, im not sure though.
    does anyone follow what im saying?

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    Don't miss this one, same idea as Flashkit :


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