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Thread: Current 3DFA developments

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    Current 3DFA developments

    In response to zoranvedek's question about when to expect an update on the 3d elements ...

    Many of the final touches are now being added to 3DFA to transform it into what will eventually be called version 5.

    The general idea is that 3DFA is becoming 100% compatible with Flex 2, Flash 9, and Actionscript 3, so that 3DFA users can take advantage of Flash 9 components, the Flex frameworks, and other third party Actionscript 3 addons, including future 3D libraries.

    At the same time, 3DFA's interface is becoming open-source. Users will be able to modify existing elements, and develop their own new elements, actions, features, and animation classes.

    3DFA elements and features can be written in AS3, using dhtml to create the interface dialogs. You'll ultimately be able to develop your own 3D components.

    And finally, 3DFA will soon be giving much more away for free, to encourage a new community of unregistered users to join in the development of new elements and features.

    There should be a new version sometime within the next few weeks.
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    Holy cow, that sounds very good!!! For me it has been bit slow period with new 3dfa versions as some things works like old one, something is new and I have not yet "been adjusted" to new as3/flex etc. way of doing things.
    With those upcoming 3dfa features I'm sure my wheels start to spin more than ever

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    Sounds great! I'm looking forward to the open-source interface!

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    3DFA hobby scripter LewxX's Avatar
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    wow, open-source interface sounds awesome!
    and the other things, too =)
    sorry for my bad school English
    btw. visit my Page: projects.lewxx.de
    or lewxx.de (<= German)

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    Gotta agree with everyone else, that open source interface sounds pretty damn cool.......

    This program is way on it's way to being, what I feel it was always meant to be, the best alternative to flash(if not better).


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    Though I did make a complaint early about having to purchase again, I know that I have gotten my money's worth. I'm sure that I will be right in the front of the line ready to purchase this next version. It sounds like it will be outstanding.

    Thanks for all the work you have put into the development of this next generation of 3DFA!
    PW Ihms

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