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Thread: Safari ExternalInterface quirks?

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    Safari ExternalInterface quirks?

    I sent a link to a game I'm developing to my brother to do some beta testing for me. He uses a mac, I use windows and linux. Everything works fine for me on every system I use (including the safari 3 beta for windows), but he's having difficulty with safari 2.0.4 on mac (don't know specific hardware or os version).

    According to him, he now sees a completely black square where the game should be. I suspect this has to do with some anti-theft code I was trying out that uses ExternalInterface, since he could see things before I added that.

    Also according to him, things work fine with Firefox on his system.

    If any mac users could visit these couple of links and tell me if the game shows, I'd appreciate it. Or if you know what might be going on. I did find a comment on some board saying that safari didn't like named functions defined in an ExternalInterface call, but the function I'm using is anonymous.

    Does Safari 2's document.location property not work like everything else's?

    http://suckatmath.com/personal/fluux.html - this one should work.

    http://campassing.com/personal/fluux.html - this one should have text saying it cannot verify that it's authorized.

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    Works fine in Safari 3.0.2 on Mac, but I don't have 2.

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