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Thread: Flash Closes to Desktop on File Publish (CTD)

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    Flash Closes to Desktop on File Publish (CTD)

    Ok, I have seen several of these posts but no one ever gives a straight clear answer to why or how to correct the problem. Here is my situation:

    If i create a new FLA file on my Mac and publish it works fine. However, if i use a .fla file that was created on a PC and try to publish then Flash CTD's on me. (Crashes To Desktop)

    Steps i have unsuccessfully taken:

    1) Completely Un-install and Re-install CS3
    2) Clean Out My Preferences
    3) Verify Preferences
    4) Repair Preferences

    To no avail have i been successful. Any help is welcome with open arms.

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    A Fix

    Ok People... After a lot of endless searching on the internet i have found my problem.

    Whever I opened the FLA file it asked me if i wanted to choose a substitute font. and i chose no. It Crashed. Then i chose yes and instead of using the System default which was HelveticaNeu - cd i Used myriad pro.

    After i made this change i was able to preview my FLA without it crashing. This might not help all of you but hopefull it will help some of you.


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    it sounds like one of your fonts is corrupt, look up Linotype Fontexplorer (it's free) and try that to verify your fonts.
    Replace or uninstall any that come up bad.

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