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Thread: Could someone please help me

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    I know this isnt where I should post this, but most people seem to be in here right now. I have assigned Load Movie to a button in my main movie to open another movie, but I cant figure out how to control where it opens up at---it seems to just open in the center--is there a way to control this---again I apologize for posting this here, but there is no one in the other forums---thanks for your help

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    You have to use the setproperty function for the x and y position. So you would load the movie, and in the same script, set the x and y positions. Peace,

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    hi Shadoman

    yeah this is an actionscript question but you re looking basically at seting the properties ---> these are attributes that you set and can change to achieve a certain effect.For the location you need to specify the xposition and the y position using the Set Property action.

    this action will set the xposition of the movie clip named 'movie' in the main timeline (hence root) to have a horizontal position of 300.


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