I am making a website, and I have made the page transitions a movie clip. The first page transition is 30 frames long and on the 30th frame a stop code is present. I inserted the clip on a keyframe at 101 and extended it till 131. Frame 132 contains the new page with a button on it. This works fine.

Now for the second page. It is also 30 frames long, and also has the stop code on the 30th frame. It starts on frame 164 and I extended it to frame 194. Frame 195 contains the new page and a button. But when I test the movie, the button never shows up! It gets to the end of the movie clip and stops, without moving on to the 195th frame. In the movie I did Debug>Show Objects and it says that the movie is on frame 164 still, though it is at the end of the 30 frame movie clip!

I don't understand why the second page will not move onto the next frame because I did the exact same thing for the first one and it works fine. If someone has any idea what is wrong, I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to look at my dilema.