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Thread: sending variable "mypage.php?var_id=var" FROM PHP TO FLASH

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    sending variable "mypage.php?var_id=var" FROM PHP TO FLASH

    I am capable of getting data displayed from my database using php. The variables though travel from FLASH to PHP then back to FLASH using loadvars as follows:

    loadVariablesNum ("log_id.php?name_id="+name_id+"&R="+random(999 ), "0");

    However, what I need to have is sending "VARIABLE" data to flash directly from php. So the direction would be PHP to FLASH then to PHP. So that the variable from the php like http://localhost/mysite/log_id.php?name_id=1000 so that the variable name_id=1000 will be received by FLASH and process it accordingly. HOW CAN I DO IT?

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    use http://blog.deconcept.com/swfobject/ for passing in values to flash from the url.. and in fact you should use this object for embedding your flash movie anyway..
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    If you must use loadVariables, use loadVariables NOT loadVariablesNum.

    Like silentweed has said, its best to use SWFOBJECT for passing varialbes, but if you are passing the variables to PHP it can be done with with the loadVars OBJECT or the loadVariables (Not the same thing)

    The oldSchool way would be:

    myvar1 = 'some data';
    myvar2 = 'someOtherData';
    loadVariables ("log_id.php", "_self', "POST");

    Or a simplier way:

    myLoadVars .sendAndLoad('log_id.php', 'myTarget' ,'POST')

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