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Thread: Playing exported quicktimes on a pc from a mac?

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    Playing exported quicktimes on a pc from a mac?

    I've looked around for this problem but can't find a solution anywhere.
    Maybe it's a simple solution and i'm an idiot, i dunno. I need to export a quicktime video file from flash on my mac so it can be viewable on a pc. as it stands you can't see the quicktimes on a pc. I don't know if it's the settings, or do i need to re-export it using a different codec (somthing i know nothing about) Any help is appreciated. thanks.

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    Normally to play qucktime movies on a PC you need QuickTime installed on that computer, it's not installed by default.
    You can get it for free from Apple.com

    However, if you're expecting anyone to be able to view it (who might not have quicktime installed), you should probably re-encode the video as an avi for PC users. I think the QuickTime Pro player on a Mac can do this, or there's probably another tool that can convert to avi.

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