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Thread: 3D Flash Animator is now available

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    3D Flash Animator is now available

    You can download from ...


    The new version is faster and more memory efficient, but the most significant improvements are to do with scripting.

    The Actionscript compiler is now very fast and very reliable and should be able to compile and export just about anything written in Actionscript 3.

    A new Class Library element has been added so that you can easily make use of the growing number of open-source AS3 class libraries on the web.

    The Papervision3D class library has been included. It offers significant features including texture mapped 3D modeling.

    3DFA also now has a powerful debugging tool that will tell you exactly what is happening in all your elements and scripts as the movie is playing. If the debug option is enabled on the toolbar, any scripting errors will open on the line of the error. Breakpoints can be set using the #debug directive. The debug window can be opened at any time from the view menu.

    The open-source 'addon' folder is now available. You can now add your own classes, which will be loaded and precompiled as 3DFA starts up. They will become native classes that are also available for export to Flash 8 and 9.

    There are still a few issues to be ironed out with addon elements, so you will not be able to add your own elements until the next release.

    If you are a regular user then please take some time to test this new version. It is inevitable with a new release that there will be a few small bugs, so there will be a series of follow-up releases over the next month.

    Please do not post bug reports in the forum, send an email to the 3dfa website contact address instead. Provide as much information as you can about the bug, and if possible, attach a small, simple, zipped up movie that demonstrates the problem.

    A very special thank you to all those who have made the effort to report bugs.

    Please post your comments and questions in separate threads.
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