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Thread: multi-channel audio + multi-video project. who can help?

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    multi-channel audio + multi-video project. who can help?

    i am working on a project that plays more than 22 mini-movies synchronly when the site starts.

    the user can mute the sound of each video by clicking on it.
    clicking again on a muted video sets the level up again.

    - whats the best format to use? .flv files?
    - is it the best was to set the level to 0 and the to level 100 again when a video is clicked?

    it gotta be like a multi-channel music track.
    you can turn on and off various channels to change the song.

    who can help?

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    flashkit success stories part IIVX

    Well, nobody i this board helped me.
    not with one hint or detail.............

    and nobody told me that flash can only play 8 sounds simultanously!!!
    but check the result 21 sounds at the same time....

    at http://sing-o-mat.feuer-ag.de/

    big respect to kenny, who helped me on this and scripted that engine!!

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    Can't put on sound at the moment in fear of waking someone, but that looked like a really funny project you got there Can't wait to try it out with sound.

    So do you mind sharing the solution? That would be interesting knowledge for a lot of other applications.

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    Had a similar idea.
    Last edited by Ironclaw; 03-06-2008 at 09:52 PM.

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    Thanks for pointing out that flash plays 8 sounds simultaneously! But wouldn't that make your work impossible (i.e 21 channels!)? You did great by the way.

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    Hi Mylander,
    Just discovered this thread. Very impressive. I was also trying to develop milti-track flash streaming for Indian karaoke songs, where the vocals could be turned off. Would you mind sharing the solution? I have a hunch, that one needs to take over the buffer and combine the streams there. But that may be too far fetched.

    Cheers. -Amitabh

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