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    i've stolen this format from EVP. Why re-create the wheel?
    REAL NAME: Brian

    USERNAME: Lefteyewilly (and it's lefteye, not left eye. Lefty will be accepted)

    FORUM MODERATED: The arena
    just in case i ever change my footer, here's some of my past battles and arena events:
    Battles:SilverX2|Mandissected|SilverX2|Ghostgirl|Gerbs|Dave-O|EVP|phreakdevil|dricciotti |4 Way|Pea|Wannabe
    Arena Events:|Rollcanvas IV|March Madness '07|DQS vs. FK|RED vs. BLUE

    LOCATION: Rochester, NY

    PETS: 2 cats. one is annoying as hell, the other doesn't move.

    OCCUPATION: Marketing

    COMPUTER: I'm no huge geek: Compaq, AMD 64 2.19ghz, 3GB ram, 400gb HDD, 2 19" LCD monitors

    FAVORITE DRINK: Beer. nothing but beer. if you'd like to discuss beer brands and flavors, i'd be happy to hear your favorites.

    FAVORITE PHRASE: Here ya go, paco

    HOBBIES: Guitar, photoshop, photography, karaoke

    CURRENT PROJECT: Remodeling my current house; redesigning a website for a paranormal research business.


    i swear A LOT, and i never apologize for it.

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    Unallocated memory
    Very nice. Makes me want to complete mine.

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    over my shoes and under my hat
    Now I feel like I have to make one...
    "Let us declare nature to be legitimate. All plants should be declared legal, and all animals for that matter. The notion of illegal plants and animals is obnoxious and ridiculous."- T. McKenna

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