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Thread: calibrating monitor to closely match output in print

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    calibrating monitor to closely match output in print

    How would i properly calibrate my monitor so that It matches closely to what is going to reproduced on print.
    I've heard about the Colorvision Spyder and Pantone Huey products... but do you actually need one of these to calibrate your monitor?

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    I believe so. Not just your monitors need to be calibrated but your printers, and softwares that rip/print your files too. (Assuming of course you run a printing company.) Companies like xrite.com are devoted to help you in this.

    Ive yet to hear of Colorvision Spyder so I can't comment on that. As for the other, I frequently use the Pantone charts to ensure my customers get the colour they want to match with - AND this with a monitor not calibrated. (Plus its good to note that Adobe Photohop's working profile/color setting will cause differences in printed colours too.)

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    I really hate to burst your bubble, but there is no 100% accurate way to calibrate a monitor to match print output.

    The reason for this: Phosphors.
    Monitor colour are made up of three colours: Red, Green, Blue. combine these three colours together and add light > Monitor output.

    Now knowing that: Print = 4 Colours. Magenta ("red" but actually a more pinky purple) Cyan = Blue, Yellow and black.

    Forget about printing for a while and also consider a few of the other things which affect how your monitor displays colour: Light, Quality of light, Light dependent on time of day, the manufacturer of your monitor, is it a Tuesday in Russia while its a Friday in France? The list is endless. Any of these things will affect how you precieve brightness / colour / quality of colour of an image.

    There are softwares avaliable to you that can help you calibrate your printer accurately, but you will have to understand that no matter what you do to your screen at home / work / where ever, there is ALLWAYS going to be a 10 - 25 % difference in the quality and brightness of colour as opposed to what you seen on your screen.

    The best thing you can do: Run Adobe Gamma Corrector, spend a little money on getting pantone charts, calibrate your printer and keep the heads clean, and WORK IN CMYK / SPOT COLOURS when designing ANYTHING for print.

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