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Thread: Problems loading flash using apache

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    Problems loading flash using apache

    Hi guys, don't know if of you have experienced the following, I know its technically not a flash issue (i think!):

    I have a fla with a number of images. I am using apache 2.0.59.

    Everything works fine when I view the html with the swf embedded on localhost. However when I add a couple more images, and try and view the new embedded swf, the browser freezes without loading up all the swf. It's as if there is a limit on the amount of data being uploaded, but the file size is only about 130k when the problem occurs.

    With the extra images, the swf file on its own works fine, the problem is only when viewing on localhost.

    I've been searching everywhere - this is driving me insane!

    If anyone knows anything (no matter how remote) about this, or have had a similar problem, I would be very grateful to hear.


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    Check that your file path is correct to the image, but without knowing exactly how the images are being loaded Its going to be hard to help much more than that.


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    Seem to have fixed the problem now. It was a problem with apache I think. I upgraded to the latest version and that seems to have done the trick.

    Cheers for your help

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