Hey i'm trying to make a flash projector of a presentation that loads jpgs from an external folder and it isnt working. What's weird is that the same fla exported as an swf works perfectly. Is there some different thing I have to do do load jpgs if i'm doing the projcet as a projector? Here is my code (the loadMovie is the last line of the function):

slidenum.button2.onPress = function() {
	slidetotal = slidenum.slideGet.text;
	new Tween(slidenum, "_y", Regular.easeIn, slidenum._y, 800, 1, true);
	new Tween(slidenum, "_alpha", Regular.easeOut, 100, 0, 1, true);
	var goy = 40;
	var gox = 480;
	var got = 1.3;
	for (i=0; i<slidetotal; i++) {
		duplicateMovieClip("ss", "ss"+i, (i+20));
		_root["ss"+i].sstext.text = (i+1);
		new Tween(_root["ss"+i], "_y", Elastic.easeOut, -100, goy, got, true);
		new Tween(_root["ss"+i], "_x", Elastic.easeOut, -100, gox, got, true);
		if (gox>800) {
			goy += 140;
			gox = 480;
		} else {
			gox += 140;
		got += .3;
		loadMovie(["images/s"+(i+1)+".jpg"], _root["ss"+i].inner, "GET");
Thanks a gazillion for any help on this one.