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Thread: [RESOLVED] $50 for figuring out a small AS issue

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    resolved [RESOLVED] $50 for figuring out a small AS issue

    I have a multiple choice Flash app that runs off of an XML file. I need to randomize the order in which the possible answer choices appear. Right now, the small app randomizes the order in which questions appear, but I'm having trouble getting the individual answer choices within each question to randomize. I have attached my most recent file that doesn't work (my so far failed attempt) and then the last working file that does work but of course doesn't randomize the order of choices. I will need the FLA back. Hopefully a quick $50 for someone. First person to reply with working FLA gets the money via PayPal. Please reply here as opposed to PM so that people don't work on it if there is already someone on it. The area where I think it should be is in frame 1 of actions layer. You can see that I have been monkeying around with the while loop and even tried a for loop without any luck (around line 100). Thanks.
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    here's the xml for it (sample)

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!DOCTYPE quiz [
    	<!ELEMENT quiz (title, items)>
    	<!ELEMENT title (#PCDATA)>
    	<!ELEMENT items (item)+>	
    	<!ELEMENT item (question, answer, answer+)>
    	<!ELEMENT question (#PCDATA)>
    	<!ELEMENT answer (#PCDATA)>
    	<!ATTLIST answer correct (y) #IMPLIED>
    	<title>Quiz Title</title>
    			<question image="winter.jpg">Which hot couple most recently split up?</question>
    			<answer correct="y" feedback="Nick and Jessica split up in late 2004.">Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson</answer>
    			<answer feedback="Brad and Jennifer split earlier.">Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston</answer>
    			<answer feedback="Billy Bob and Angelina split a long time ago.">Billy Bob Thorton and Angelina Jolie</answer>
    			<answer feedback="Although these guys split, they continue to act together in One Tree Hill.">Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush</answer>
    			<question image="waterLillies.jpg">What is the name of Brittany Spears' new baby?</question>
    			<answer feedback="That's Gweneth's baby's name.">Apple</answer>
    			<answer  feedback="Nice job." correct="y">Sean</answer>
    			<answer feedback="That's Liv's baby's name.">Milo</answer>
    			<answer feedback="That's Cate's and Debra's babies' names.">Roman</answer>
    			<question >Who is Keith Urban's latest flame?</question>
    			<answer feedback="Tom Cruise and Katie have been hooking it.">Katie Holmes</answer>
    			<answer feedback="Country meets Hollywood." correct="y">Nicole Kidman</answer>
    			<answer feedback="Who knows who this guy is dating these days.">George Clooney</answer>
    			<answer feedback="You'd think it would be the two country stars!">Shania Twain</answer>
    			<question image="blueHills.jpg">Christina Aguilera is hot.</question>
    			<answer feedback="Oh yeah." correct="y">True</answer>
    			<answer feedback="Oh no.">False</answer>

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    PM sent with code and contact information.

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