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Thread: Output size too big

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    Output size too big

    I have a flash file which is 5M. But the swf file is actually 13.5M. I have already set the compression to 30% in the output setting. But the size of swf file havent changed too much.

    How to do with this?

    I used to have a flash file 10M but the output file is around 3-4M. What happening this time?

    ANy help is appreciated

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    Hi...One problem could be unused items in your library. Try eliminating those.

    Also, if you're loading several movie clips at once, an alternative might be to just load them as separate SWFs into different levels.

    The last 2 things I can think of off the top of my head are to play with the sound compression settings, if you have any sounds, and to make sure the "compress movie" is checked in the publish settings window.

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