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Thread: [F8] Website Choppiness issue

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    [F8] Website Choppiness issue

    Hi Everyone.

    I would appreciate if someone had any suggestions for fixing a choppy framerate issue I'm having. I built my entire site using flash and in my portfolio section, the images displayed are called using an xml data file.

    The thing is the whole site seems to slow down a bit in this section and I can't figure out why.

    All my images are under 200k, with most being under 100. The swf files loading the xml data files are also very small; 15k or less.

    My music player is calling much larger files but doesn't seem to slow down anything so I don't get it.

    I haven't worked a whole lot with flash so maybe I'm missing a key compression technique here. The image quality I have in my publish settings is 80 by the way.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Here is the link to the site...


    Thanks again!

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    I just looked at your site and I didn't notice anything wrong. Did you get this problem fixed? Or perhaps I'm missing the problem?
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    I actually just removed all the motion blur effects and it improved it dramatically...Thanks very much for your reply though.

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