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Thread: [F8] Choppy Framerate? PLEASE HELP

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    [F8] Choppy Framerate? PLEASE HELP

    Hi everyone,

    I recently uploaded a website done in flash and xml. There are 3 sections to my site: home, portfolio and contact.

    The home and contact work as they should, but it seems when I load anything froim the portfolio section, the whole site becomes kind of slow.

    In that section, I basically have an swf calling images through an xml data file. All my images are below 200k with most being under 100. I also have some effects applied on the images through code, like a motion blur and stuff.

    I can't figure out why there is such a slow down in this section.

    If someone couold please help me improve the performance of this siet it would be greatly appreciated.

    The site is http://www.limetwist.net

    Thanks again!

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    a little better

    Ok so I removed a focal blur and fade effect I had and it's a little bit better (not on the uploaded version however)...but it's still kind of slow...any ideas? anyone??

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    When I open your portfolio my computer sounds like an airplane taking off(work computer). My guess is you have some bad code somewhere but we can't really help unless we can see the code or .fla file for your portfolio page.

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